It’s Come to This

25 May 2024

The Album that started it all! Recorded in the summer of 2011, this was the debut album that kicked off the SKAM rock assault! Recorded at Axis Studios in Doncaster under the watchful eye of producer Matt Elliss, SKAM set out to record 10 tracks. Some of these tracks had been 5 years in the making; some had become the backbone of their live set. This was the first professional studio experience for the band and not all members found it natural.

“I just don’t like the studio setting, I’m in a band to play live, I like the organic feel of making something in the now” say founding bassist Matt Gilmore. “I struggled to play the same thing on each take, I like to add things when the mood dictates, and this was not very helpful for the producer!”

Fortunately for SKAM, not all members had this issue. Front man Steve Hill was a natural. “I love the studio! I get to be creative and work on making history. To have our songs recorded and set in stone was a big thing for me; I wanted to get the SKAM live experience down on record so as many people as possible could hear us”.

The album was released in January 2012 by Casket records and instantly attracted the hard rock music fans along with the music press. The bands long standing relationship with Classic Rock Magazine was born over night. Live favourites were released as singles, No Lies, Massacre and Dead from the Waist down all managed to get play listed on Planet Rock Radio and Kerrang! Radio. The album received great reviews but most importantly attracted the attention of the businessmen of Rock….

Track Listing.

  1. Soldiers Of Rock
  2. Dead From The Waist Down
  3. No Lies
  4. Massacre
  5. Going Away
  6. Weapon
  7. The Touch of Death
  8. Frustration
  9. Hold Me Down
  10. Revealing
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